Reverse your Neuropathy! Experience Freedom from Pain and Numbness

Learn how to get rid of neuropathy naturally


We specialize in reversing neuropathy symptoms and returning YOUR quality of life through proven processes that lead to real results.

Enjoy Your Life Again

99% of our clients have increased nerve function

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Free yourself from limitations and relying on family or outside help

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Why are we so confident that Neuropathy can be reversed?

Because we’ve found success where pharmaceuticals and mediocre clinical treatment methods have failed.

Meet our founder, Dr. Karen May. When she was diagnosed with neuropathy, Dr. May made it her personal mission to extensively research a multitude of successful approaches. She combined the best tactics into a groundbreaking approach that helped her overcome her own symptoms.

After defying mainstream medical diagnoses and expectations, Dr. May reversed her own neuropathy and realized her new calling. She has since dedicated her life and her practice to treating neuropathy through customized plans that meet each individual’s unique needs. Our innovative neuropathy relief center focuses on overall well-being and helping our clients take back a better quality of life

Read more about her incredible story, or watch this video for an overview of our approach:


The sooner you reverse your nerve pain and numbness, the sooner you can get back to the life you loved.

Neuropathy pain, numbness, and balance issues become more common with advancing age and certain disorders that contribute to the severity of symptoms. Empower yourself to understand, address, and relieve your neuropathy symptoms with natural, proven solutions.


Untitled-5 Intense Itching and numbness in my feet were nearly gone, after 3 months!”

Untitled-5 I had failed in everything else with doctors, but there was a sense of hope with Dr. May that she can actually fix me.”


Untitled-5 Sharp pains are much less! No more swelling in ankles!”


How Can you Reverse Your Neuropathy?

Get rid of your nerve pain and numbness with these three easy steps:


Schedule Your Discovery Call.

Connect with our team and describe your symptoms. We collaborate to see if our program is a good fit for YOUR health and lifestyle.


Activate YOUR Personalized, Online Neuropathy Boot Camp Program

Get education, equipment, and coaching from trained professionals. Our team empowers YOU to succeed in reversing your neuropathy symptoms – for good!


Live Your Life on YOUR terms again without being limited by nerve pain and numbness!

When you “graduate” from your customized Boot Camp program, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to continue reversing your neuropathy – and prevent it from returning again.

sad older person with cane

You can access our powerful, all-natural neuropathy treatment at home.

We help clients across the United States and in multiple countries – we can tailor our virtual schedule to meet YOUR needs!

No matter what you’ve been told by pharmaceutical companies that depend on prescription dependency to turn a profit, your neuropathy IS reversible.

When you’re ready to overcome numbness, pain, and balance issues, we’re here to help.